The Gift of Scholarship

Every year, more than 300 student-athletes representing 18 USF teams(1) count on scholarships as the means by which they learn at, and compete for, this great university. Growing our scholarship support from annual gifts and endowments is both an investment in human capital, and an important tool for positioning the Bulls to compete for the best student-athletes in the country.

At USF, a full scholarship for an in-state student-athlete costs approximately $16,000 per year. For out-of-state residents (including international students) that amount jumps to roughly $26,000. Those costs will continue to grow as the cost of tuition rises.

Private giving for scholarships ensures academic opportunity for Bulls student-athletes today and far into the future. Gifts can be directed for:

Annual Scholarships

Annual scholarships include (a) those for which gifts are given and expended each year, or (b) distributed earnings from endowed scholarships that are to be spent on scholarship awards. Gifts to annual scholarships increase the amount available for awarding to student-athletes in the next athletics year.

Endowed Scholarships

Gifts for endowed scholarships are invested and annual earnings are used to fund awards. Gifts to endowed funds increase the principal and grow long-term earnings for scholarships.

Bulls Heritage Scholars Program

Explore this unique combination of annual giving for scholarships and an estate gift that endows the scholarship, allowing it to live in perpetuity.

For further information on establishing a new scholarship, please contact the Bulls Club at 1-800-GOBULLS or

(1) Sailing is a non-scholarship sport.