Annual Scholarships

Annual Scholarships provide a "here and now" benefit. Funded through one of the two following mechanisms, they are awarded each year using all available cash:

  1. Scholarships for which annual gifts are given with the expectation that they are to be not endowed, but awarded in their entirety; or
  2. Distributed earnings from endowed scholarships that are to be spent on scholarship awards. Gifts to annual scholarships increase the amount available for awarding to student-athletes in the next athletics year.

Donors may allow scholarships to be awarded by the Athletics Department according to the area of greatest need, or designate them for any of USF's varsity sports (excluding sailing, which is a non-scholarship sport).

Please click on the "DONATE" button to see options for supporting existing annual scholarships.

To create a new annual scholarship, please contact the Bulls Club at 1-800-GOBULLS or