Enhancing U

Enhancing U is a four-year program designed to develop student-athletes into well-balanced graduates who are equipped to positively impact their future and become productive leaders in their communities. Enhancing U has four areas of emphasis:

  • Academic Achievement. Enhancing U complements the support provided by academic services by teaching time management and study skills to encourage continuous academic achievement.
  • Community Involvement. In order to foster their growth as citizens, Enhancing U provides opportunities to interact with community organizations. Going beyond traditional student service projects, USF teams establish annual partnerships with community organizations, allowing them to build relationships at a deeper level.
  • Personal Maturity. This segment of Enhancing U delivers workshops, seminars, discussions, and other support to build life skills knowledge and experience. Topics include, but are not limited to, financial literacy, alcohol and substance abuse, "Going Pro--in Business or Athletics," stress management, nutrition, social networking, domestic violence, and depression.
  • Career Development. The goal in this area is to promote career preparation as early in the collegiate experience as possible, and to educate students about the skills necessary for successful entry into the professional world. Four signature events highlight this segment of Enhancing U: Career Assessment, Resume Workshop, Etiquette/Networking Workshop, and a Senior Retreat.

Enhancing U is a four-year cumulative program that deploys content as follows:

Look (Freshman)

  • Attend Orientation
  • Attend High School to College Transitional Workshop
  • Participate in a Career Assessment
  • Participate with team Community Partners
  • Participate in Personal Maturity workshops
  • Attend Finance Workshop.
  • Introduction to Resume Building

Aim (Sophomore)

  • Attend Resume Workshop and get resume on file
  • Participate with team Community Partners
  • Participate in Personal Maturity Workshops
  • Personalized Career Exploration with Enhancing U and academic staff
  • Attend Finance Workshop
  • Job Shadow in area of serious career choice to bring it to life

Charge (Junior)

  • Attend Etiquette and Networking workshop
  • Participate with team Community Partners
  • Participate in Personal Maturity workshops
  • Attend Finance Workshop
  • Update resume
  • Additional Job Shadow
  • Participate in Interviewing Workshop
  • Attend a Career Fair

Stampede (Senior)

  • Attend Senior Retreat with topics Transitional/Identity shifts, finances, final resume and cover letter review, first impressions and interviews, StrenghthsQuest Assessment, and celebration of time at USF
  • Participate with team Community Partners
  • Attend Personal Maturity workshops
  • Update resume and prepare cover letter
  • Work with Enhancing U staff on Job Search Techniques
  • Complete a Mock Interview
  • Work with Enhancing U staff on graduate school options, where applicable

For further information, please contact:

Abby Ritter
(813) 974-4223