Bulls Varsity Club Enhancement Fund

The success and strength of every great university, rich with tradition, is directly related to the engagement of its alumni. Elite universities attract, nurture, and cultivate outstanding students, who evolve into exceptional alumni. Universities attain their eminent status, in part, based on the caliber and commitment of these alumni.

Our Proposal
An exciting opportunity now exists for a distinct group of University of South Florida former athletes to exert a profound impact on the university through support of a new program, the Bulls Varsity Club Endowment.

By helping establish an endowment, you will enable the USF Bulls Varsity Club to continue expanding advocacy efforts; enhancing scholarship programs; supporting and connecting alumni; developing community relationships; enriching the student experience; and communicating USF news and successes through various media.

The Impact of the Endowment
The earnings generated by your endowment, when combined with those of other benefactors, will provide major support to a current student-athlete. The combined endowment earnings will ensure the growth and sustainability of the Bulls Varsity Club and provide beneficial programs and services to generations of USF alumni.

Giving is an important part of the revenue picture, and helps underwrite such things as scholarships, recruiting, academic support, strength training and sports medicine, travel, and other critical day-to-day operating needs. Make a difference and give back in support of USF Athletics.



1965 Legacy Club Members

*Gifts to the Bulls Varsity Club Enhancement fund of $1,000 or more

Thank you to the follow donors:

Brian and Cynthia Keenan

Eric and Kyle Busch

Brigid and Jason Merenda 

Don and Helena Nestor

Dan Richardson

James and Ann Risler