Timmer Ahrens

Portrait of Timmer Ahrens

Timmer Ahrens

Institution(s) Attended, Degree(s) Earned, and Graduation Year(s):
University of South Florida - BA/Economics - 1970

Bulls Club Champion Member Since:

Current profession and any relevant past business experience you wish to share?
Director, Account Management, Item Processing & Remittance, Fiserv Solutions, Inc.
Prior to joining Fiserv in 1993, I was a commercial banker with Exchange Bank/Bank of America and The Bank of Tampa.

What drives your motivation to be a donor and volunteer for the Bulls Club?
I love college athletics and want my Alma mater as well as its student-athletes to be as successful as their talents and skill can take them.

Favorite USF Athletics Memory?
I have been a long time season ticket holder for men's basketball (1973-74) and an inaugural football season ticket holder. My favorite memories center around our trips to March Madness (I was at Long Beach in 1990 for our first trip) and our first football bowl game in Charlotte. Another favorite would have to be our football game against West Virginia in Tampa before a sold out stadium.