Michael Charles

Portrait of Michael Charles

Michael Gary Charles

Institution(s) Attended, Degree(s) Earned, and Graduation Year(s):
Sam Houston State University
University of South Florida - BA/Business & Accounting - 1975

Current profession and any relevant past business experience you wish to share?

I am the owner and founder of CGM Services which was established in 1978. It is now a company with 100+ employees and 50 big trucks running all around Florida and Georgia!

What drives your motivation to be a donor and volunteer for the Bulls Club?
I want to help kids just as I was helped with my scholarship and this also allows me to be involved with USF sports for fun!

Favorite USF Athletics Memory?
I have a bunch. Many of them revolve around football's greatest moments like wins at Pittsburgh and Auburn. I also loved both of our basketball tournament visits and some of those wins!