Dr. Anila Jain

Portrait of Dr. Anila Jain

Dr. Anila Jain, M.D

Institution(s) Attended, Degree(s) Earned, and Graduation Year(s):
University of South Florida - BA/ - 1981
Spartan Health Sciences University - - 1985
Nova Southeastern University - MS/Executive MBA - 2000

Bulls Club Champion Member Since:

Current profession and any relevant past business experience you wish to share?
Physician and medical consultant
Child advocate and community volunteer

What drives your motivation to be a donor and volunteer for the Bulls Club?
As a donor, I want to make a difference in the lives and future of our USF Athletes.
As a volunteer, I want to increase awareness of my Alma mater and USF athletics at the local, state, and national level.
As a supporter of USF athletics, I want my philanthropic endeavors to benefit our students with scholarships, academic support, leadership opportunities as they have bright futures in their personal/professional lives

Favorite USF Athletics Memory?
Inaugural season of USF football and a season ticket holder since.
Attending all bowl games that USF football was playing in...coldest game (17 degrees below 0) at the International Bowl in Toronto, Canada.