Carla Saavedra

Portrait of Carla Saavedra

Carla Saavedra

Institution(s) Attended, Degree(s) Earned, and Graduation Year(s):
University of South Florida - BA/English and American Literature - 1987

Bulls Club Champion Member Since:

Current profession and any relevant past business experience you wish to share?
Owner/President Clearly Organized, Inc.
(Professional Organizer/Senior Move Manager)

What drives your motivation to be a donor and volunteer for the Bulls Club?
An education is something that can never be rescinded once it is earned. I am blessed that my parents provided me with my education. Many student-athletes would not be able to attend USF and receive a top notch education without their athletic ability, donations, and fundraisers. Donating and fundraising for the student athletes is my way of giving back.

Favorite USF Athletics Memory?
My favorite athletics memory is seeing our USF Athletics District become a reality.